Stack Emission Testing

With over 30 years of service in various industries and an experienced team servicing Australia-wide, we can design and install innovative Stack Emission Testing solutions for any environment. We offer local knowledge and quick turnaround times anywhere throughout Australia.

Knowing what is coming out of your chimney stack can be scary. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that for you! We’ve got the best Stacking Testing equipment and expertise to ensure everything is in compliance. Start saving money today with our efficient emission testing services. Take a minute to browse just a sample of the products available in our range, or reach out to us for a no-obligation free quote.

What is Stack Testing?

Stack testing is a common process that monitors the emissions levels of structures and facilities. It removes gases from sources so they can be analyzed to ensure compliance with emission limits, which are often stricter than what’s required by law. Stack monitoring programs should provide both accurate data while also being timely as well.

Why is Stack Testing important?

When it comes to stack testing, you may be asking yourself why do I need that? Well there are plenty of reasons! For example, if a company is in violation of emissions limits they may get fined. Stack testing can help maintain the environment by finding out what kind of pollutants could potentially leak out into our water and air systems because most fuels contain various types and quantities of substances known as “chemical contaminants.” If we’re careful about how much pollution enters these waterways then this reduces water-related illnesses like cancerous tumors or infected lungs.

We’ve served clients in the following industries…

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Paper & Packaging Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Metal Processing & Refinement
  • Textiles & Ceramics

  • Laboratories

  • Waste Water Treatment

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