For over 40 years, Australian Dynamic Technologies has been supplying the most technically advanced, yet easy to use specialist systems for monitoring airborne hazards. All products supplied are built to withstand the harshest environments and are designed for simple operation with minimal to no training requred.

Tube Bundle Systems

Diesel Emissions Monitoring Systems

Hydrocarbon Analysis Systems

Fuel Gas Monitoring

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Underground Coal Mine

Tube Bundle Systems

Our tube bundle systems are specifically designed for use in underground coal mines. These systems are capable of extracting, filtering and drying underground atmospheric samples.

Extremely effective in providing early warning systems against potential dangers, these highly advanced gas detection systems accurately measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane levels.


Diesel Emissions Monitoring

Australian Dynamic Technologies build highly advanced diesel emission monitoring systems capable of providing prompt, early warnings for potential dangers. Our systems are able to measure carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Our custom-built instruments facilitate particle size measurements over various channels. Speak to our staff today to design a system specific for your environment.

Specifically designed

Hydrocarbon Analysis

Used as a technique for separating individual components, Hydrocarbon analysis, is popular in the petrochemical industry.

It is also useful for bulk hydrocarbon characterisation of a certain sample.

Mainly used for petroleum samples. The photos in the example were taken from a system we built for Origin Energy.

Accruate and Reliable

Fuel Gas Monitoring

Australian Dynamic Technologies can build custom-designed fuel gas monitoring systems for fuel gases and their combustion products.

These systems are useful when you are looking to enhance operational effectiveness of fuel gas consumption.

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