Tube Bundle Systems

Tube Bundle System

Australian Dynamic Technologies’ tube bundle systems are specifically designed for use in underground coal mines. These systems are capable of extracting, filtering and drying underground atmospheric samples.

Extremely effective in providing early warning systems against potential dangers, these highly advanced gas detection systems accurately measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane levels.

In the event of a mine emergency, tube bundle systems are essential in assisting rescue teams in making informed decisions regarding the atmosphere deep inside the mine.

Tube Bundle Systems are useful for detecting mine atmosphere composition trends, for example, an increase in the level of carbon monoxide or methane concentration. Detecting such trends can assist with the prevention of issues like a potential explosion, fire or other type of combustion.

The full customisation options of our tube bundle systems mean that you have more flexibility in setting up your gas detection system. Our innovative experts have used their experience to design a variety of different methods to meet customer specifications:

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