A gas analyser is used to scope out an appliance or space to make sure that everything is properly installed, working safely, and not creating any hazardous levels of dangerous gases that could escape into the atmosphere that you are breathing.

This is where gas analyser calibration comes in – this moment is an important part of your job, and you need it to be as accurate as possible for both your client’s safety and your own. These products usually measure carbon monoxide, oxygen, and temperature, but other parameters can also be examined.

Each and every gas detector should be checked out before use to make sure that it is properly maintained and ready for accurate use. Oftentimes, this is done by bump testing, although the method may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some types require more frequent maintenance while others may not. If you are ever unsure, you should consult with a professional to make sure your safety will not be put at risk.

Benefits of Calibrating Your Gas Analyser

1. Accuracy

What good is a gas detector if it isn’t as accurate as possible? Calibration is key to ensuring the accuracy of your product, and why this important step should never be overlooked.

Each individual manufacturer will have their own specified limits of calibrating preferences that should never be overlooked. As long as they are taken note of, your measurement of uncertainty should be significantly reduced. This is an important part of maintaining the proper condition of your device in order to continue carrying out accurate measurements.

2. Stay Up to Code

Official regulations clearly state that these types of equipment should be calibrated by professionals within their calibration dates.

If this date has passed, the device should not be used. An important part of maintaining a professional image for your business is complying with any and all codes and regulations, especially when safety-related.

3. Cover Your Bases

If your analyser is not properly calibrated within the specified period of time and you use it anyways, all of your measurements could be called into question in the event of an investigation.

If this is the case, you would have to go back and re-do all your measurements – save yourself some time and just make sure to keep up with the regular maintenance of your device. An investigation could also lead to some much more negative consequences if you are in the wrong here.

4. It’s Super Easy

The manufacturer of the device wants it to be in prime working condition, so they often provide you with specific and helpful information about how exactly the device needs to be maintained. For example, some types will actually notify you of their maintenance dates so that you can read the clearly printed warning and know to take it to a professional.

Australian Dynamic Technologies has a lot of experience calibrating all kinds of gas analysers and is happy to consult with you about any of your products to make sure that they are all in tip-top condition and ready to perform their best. Our professional team is also experienced in many other areas of gas detection products, services, and safety systems.

5. You Remain a Law-Abiding Citizen

Intentionally using a gas analyser outside of its designated period of maintenance is considered a crime as it puts both you, your team, and your clients at risk. In summary, the vitally important step of calibration is not only necessary, but it also will give you added confidence in your results knowing that they are accurate and safe.

Don’t Take Any Chances

We can think of many reasons why gas detectors must be calibrated, including to maintain a safe work environment for your clients and employees. Don’t take any chances. Contact our highly skill team of technicians to make sure your gas analyser system is properly calibrated and up to date!

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