Why Are Gas Detectors So Important?

In this day and age, it can become easy to feel indestructible in our homes and offices. Our biggest concern might be whether or not we will get rained on when we step outside. There are, though, many major considerations that must be taken into account in a new home or commercial property, and one of these is the proper installation of a gas detector.

But what do these devices even do? What type of detector do you need? and when are you most at risk of a natural gas leak? We’ve included below some of the most important reasons to install and properly maintain a gas detector.

They Give Life-Saving Warnings

In the event of a gas leak, a properly functioning gas detection device installed by professionals is able to inform all occupants of the space to evacuate quickly, saving them from the consequences of the leak. Without that detector, every person in the space is subject to a number of conditions that can cause significant harm or even death.


If large amounts of gas accumulate in a building, which can occur if there is a leak in a workplace with minimal windows or exits, the risk of explosion increases dramatically. When something sparks, like a light switch, plug, or any other machine powered by electricity, there is a huge risk that it could ignite the trapped gas, resulting in a devastating fire.

This risk can be greatly reduced with a gas detector, which would allow employees to know when conditions are hazardous. At that point, they would know not to utilise their electrical appliances, and to evacuate until the problem is rectified.

Health Risks

If a risk includes a significant build-up of gases, it can reduce the amounts of available oxygen in the space. In a workplace environment, this is particularly dangerous if any employees are engaging in physical tasks including lifting heavy objects or moving around a lot. This loss of oxygen causes the same symptoms one might experience at high altitudes. Dizziness and nausea, as well as fatigue and headaches, can begin to occur. This can even cause an increase in workplace injuries or accidents due to the impaired physical state.

Asphyxiation and the preliminary symptoms of it are caused by methane, which is the primary gas that is often leaked. This is why individuals can even pass out or experience severe physical reactions to this type of leak if they are exposed for long enough and the build-up is large enough.

The gas detector aims to make sure that the build-up never reaches this point. Once a trace amount of gas is detected, the building can be evacuated, and the leak can be fixed. Employees can then go back to work as normal, unimpaired by the lack of oxygen in the space.

Gas Leaks are Difficult to Detect on Your Own

If the elements that make up the machinery in a space aren’t updated frequently, they become prone to breakage and warping. These pipes then leak gas into the space in small amounts over time as the devices are used. The breaks may be tiny holes or slivers and difficult to notice without proper inspection. What’s more, dangerous gases like carbon monoxide are completely odourless, making them even harder to detect.

This is another reason it’s so important to include these detection devices in every workplace. We recommend using a multi-gas detector to monitor the air for a variety of damaging gases at all times.

The Importance of Gas Detector Maintenance

Beyond installation, detectors need frequent upkeep. It is important to test and replace or repair these devices so that they continue to function properly.

Over time, sensors can lose their effectiveness due to a build-up of dirt or debris, being hit or jostled, and even by being improperly installed. It is important to consistently check on your gas detector to ensure that it is working correctly.

If you need a sensor installed or serviced, contact Australian Dynamic Technologies today – we’ll help you protect your home or business from these dangerous gases.

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