Bespoke gas detectors for business

No matter what type of business you run, safety measures need to be in place to protect your company, the employees, the clients, and of course, yourself. One of the most important safety precautions that all businesses need is a gas detection system. However, not all detection systems are built the same. As most businesses will realise, a bespoke gas detection system is a must-have.

The Importance of a Bespoke Gas Detection System

There is perhaps nothing more terrifying than the possible risk of a fire or explosion caused by a combustible gas leaking. Industries that use or produce chemicals as well as industries where specific gases are created, transported, or used to manufacture other products have requirements for their systems for monitoring gases. However, businesses that aren’t considered hazardous but still use or produce safer gases, like oxygen, have risks that need to be monitored as well.

Because a person’s sense of smell isn’t all that great, by the time gas is smelled, it is usually too late. This is why all businesses should have a bespoke gas detection system in place. Bespoke systems can be adapted for the particular needs of a company, with options ranging from single-gas to multi-gas detectors and even portable devices. Essentially, the type of system you need depends on the type of business you run.

The following are things to consider when deciding upon how to customise a gas detection system for your business.

Figure Out the Type of Gas Leaks You Are at Risk for

It is important to understand the types of leaks your business might have to deal with when designing a detection system. Different systems can require different precautions. A restaurant may only need to check for a natural gas leak whereas a hospital may have several toxic (such as carbon monoxide) and non-toxic gasses in use.

Other industries like manufacturing may need to check not only for gases used in manufacturing but also any gases created as a byproduct of the manufacturing process. All these factors must be taken into account to ensure the entire facility has the proper amount of detection coverage.

Determine the Types of Detection Devices That Will Benefit You the Most

The size of the business can determine the number of gas detectors you need. Businesses housed in larger buildings will probably require an assortment of detection devices while smaller companies may only need a couple.

It is also important to figure out if you will need portable or fixed gas detection devices. A building with large open spaces may find that a fixed system is the best solution. However, there can be smaller enclosed spaces that are difficult to get into, which is when a portable device may come in handy.

In addition, you should determine the type of power source the devices will require. If there isn’t enough power available to keep the devices working, it could cause a potential disaster. If portable devices are used, there should be extra power sources charged and ready to use in case a device loses battery charge.

Determine Where to Place Detection Devices

Most homes and smaller office-type businesses can generally get by with one device for the entire building. However, this is not the case in larger facilities. As such, the size of the building can dictate the placement of the devices.

First consider the area that needs to be covered by a detection device. Then you can figure out if there are areas that will need extra monitoring. Many devices only monitor for a set number of gases, so multiple devices may be required. Determining where the monitoring will occur is important so that a system for handling potential leaks can be put in place.

Safety should be the number one concern for any business owner. Because of the dangers gas leaks pose, it is imperative to have a gas detection system in place for the safety of the employees as well as to protect the local environment. With a bespoke system in place, you can best protect your business and everyone who enters.

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