Why Gas Detectors Are Imperative for Construction Projects

When employees are working on a construction project, their sense of smell alone is not enough to rely on to prevent a potentially dangerous gas hazard. Humans simply do not have a developed enough sense of smell to keep them safe. Often, by the time the smell of gas has been noticed by someone, it is too late.

This is where gas detectors come in to save the day. Although their calibration and maintenance need to be regularly kept up with, the level of safety they provide is well worth it. By alerting you to hazards quickly and accurately identifying a worker’s exposure to dangerous gases, a gas detector allows you to work with peace of mind.

Benefits of a Gas Detector

If you have a detector that is durable and able to properly withstand the temperature and humidity conditions that you work in, the reliability of the product will be undeniable. Different manufacturers will have different information regarding what specific factors will affect the different readings.

While the specific product you go with may have some variance in accuracy compared to others, these devices are known for being incredibly accurate in their sensing abilities. They have impressive sensitivity levels, allowing them to give you the upper hand in a potentially dangerous situation and optimise your safety while on-site.

Quick Response Time
With something as potentially dangerous as this, workers need to be alerted to problems as soon as possible. Response time is an important consideration when selecting the monitor for your product, as safety is a priority for every workplace. The faster the response time, the more it is able to contribute to the prevention of fatalities.

Multiple Gas Sensors
While most sensors are designed specifically with just one vapor or gas in mind, there are multi-gas products as well that can help with more than a single gas product could.

A lot of the time, it is nearly impossible to determine all the possible dangers of an unknown site simply by looking at it as some areas suffer from different gas hazards than others. For example, one zone may have a Carbon Monoxide issue while another has a Carbon Dioxide problem. The best preparation for these scenarios is to cover all of your bases and get a detector that can tackle more than one type of hazard.

Consulting with an expert is a good idea as well to determine if you even need to invest in one of these or if you will be fine with a simple, single-sensing product.

User Friendly
Safety doesn’t need to be complicated – these detectors help you keep things simple with easy, effective equipment that is able to enhance your safety by allowing for more frequent use.

Select a product that will easily integrate itself into the daily activities of your crew. For example, here are some qualities of an extremely user-friendly product:

  • Lightweight for proper portability
  • Durable and shock proof to withstand a rigorous worksite
  • Large monitor that is easy to read
  • Automatic calibration tests
  • Doesn’t require electricity

Looking for a Portable Gas Detector?

There are always new developments being made in the gas detector manufacturing world. Companies are continuously looking for better and better ways to create innovative equipment that is able to continue to protect workers. Now you just need to find the option that works best for you!

At Australian Dynamic Technologies, we supply our clients with the latest products developed by the leading manufacturers in the industry including Boreal Laser, Honeywell Analytics Fuji Electric, and California Analytical.

Our experienced team avidly works to keep each and every construction crew safe by recommending the best product for each individual situation. From single gas detectors to portable multi-gas detectors that can monitor up to five atmospheric hazards, you’re sure to find a solution that fits your needs!

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